Antonyms related Questions and Answers General English series #3

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Antonyms related Questions and Answers

1. He is in deep sleep.
A. map
B. sound
C. shallow
D. disturbed

2. Rama is always logical in his thinking.
A. correct
B. rational
C. irrational
D. illogical

3. Most of the people are loyal to their masters.
A. cordial
B. faithful
C. ungrateful
D. disloyal

4. Private enterprises are always successful in making profits.
A. generally
B. public
C. openly
D. governmental

5. Arun respected his parents.
A. respectful
B. respectfulness
C. respectedness
D. flouted

6. Prasanna has a gruff voice.
A. rougher
B. rough
C. mild
D. milder

7. Many policians parry questions asked by newspaper reporters.
A. answer
B. ward off
C. evasive
D. face

8. There were copious rains.
A. scanty
B. plenty
C. sufficient
D. scarcity

9. Angels descend from the heaven.
A. increase
B. ascend
C. gallop
D. come down

10. Mala looks pretty.
A. ugly
B. fine
C. fairly
D. unimpressive

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