Chemistry-General Knowledge questions and answers Part-3 series #26

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Chemistry-General Knowledge questions and answers

101. The acid present in lemon is

A. lactic acid
B. marlic acid
C. citric acid
D. tartaric acid

102. Rare gases are

A. mono atomic
B. di atomic
C. tri atomic
D. none of the above

103. The term PVC used in the plastic industry stands for

A. phosphavinyl chloride
B. phosphor vanadiu chloride
C. polyvinyl chloride
D. polyvinyl carbobate

104. The alcohol used in the preparation of dynamite is

A. ethyl alcohol
B. glycerol
C. glycol
D. methyl alcohol

105. The element used in lead pencils is

A. zinc
B. lead
C. carbon
D. tin

106. Epsom salt is chemically known as

A. copper sulphate
B. magnesium sulphate
C. ferrous sulphate
D. copper sulphate

107. Calcium sulphate is known as

A. epsom salt
B. gypsum salt
C. blue vitriol
D. potash alum

108. Oil of vitriol is

A. nitric acid
B. hydrochloric acid
C. phosphoric acid
D. sulphuric acid

109. Which is used to produce artificial rain?

A. sand
B. copper oxide
C. silver iodide
D. silver nitrate

110. DDT is an

A. explosive
B. antibiotic
C. enzyme
D. insecticide

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