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Gerunds related Questions and Answers

1. —– dogs do not bite.
A. to bark
B. bark
C. barking
D. is bark

2. Waiting for a bus is a —– experience.
A. kills
B. kill
C. killing
D. is killing

3. I detest —– in public places.
A. smoke
B. smoking
C. smoked
D. be smoking

4. I am averse to —–
A. drink
B. drunk
C. to be drink
D. drinking

5. Do you mind —– the window.
A. closing
B. to closing
C. closed
D. close

6. Boys like —– foot ball.
A. playing
B. to playing
C. to played
D. to be playing

7. Suganya is not capable of —— hard work.
A. do
B. doing
C. to be doing
D. to be done

8. They cannot stop —–
A. sing
B. sings
C. singing
D. be singing

9. On Sundays I go —–
A. fish
B. to fish
C. fishes
D. fishing

10. I remember —– you last year.
A. meet
B. met
C. meeting
D. to meet

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