Indian History Part 3

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Indian History-General Knowledge questions and answers

41. In the Battle of Wandiwash, the English defeated

A. the Dutch
B. the French
C. the Portuguese
D. None of these

42. Indian Navy Act was passed on

A. 1921
B. 1925
C. 1927
D. 1930

43. The first president of the Republic of India was

A. V.V.Giri
B. Zakir Hussain
C. Dr.Radhakrishnan
D. Dr.Rajendra Prasad

44. The first ruler of Pala dynasty was

A. Gopala
B. Dharmapala
C. Bhaskaravarman
D. None of these

45. The first to establish regular trade with India was

A. Dutch
B. Portuguese
C. French
D. English

46. The king of Kalinga in the Maurya period was

A. Simuka
B. Kharavela
C. Kuvishka
D. Kanishka

47. Sea route in India was discovered by

A. Columbus
B. Amundsen
C. Vasco–da–gama
D. None of these

48. The treaty of Seringapatnam was between Cornwallis and

A. Haider Ali
B. Chand Bibi
C. Tipu Sultan
D. Nizam of Hyderabad

49. Ashoka conquered Kalinga in the year

A. 231 AD
B. 127 AD
C. 261 BC
D. 327 BC

50. Chand Bibi was the ruler of

A. Satara
B. Bijapur
C. Golconda
D. Ahmednagar

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