Infinitives related Questions and Answers general English series #9

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Infinitives related Questions and Answers

1. Selfish people will not come forward —— others.
A. help
B. to help
C. to helping
D. to helped

2. My teacher came forward —— me in studies.
A. help
B. helping
C. to help
D. is helpful

3. —— in the middle of the road is dangerous.
A. walk
B. to walk
C. to be walk
D. walking

4. I like —– on violin.
A. play
B. playing
C. be playing
D. to play

5. Many women love —— delicacies.
A. prepare
B. to prepare
C. preparing
D. be prepared

6. Do you want —– a cup of tea?
A. takes
B. to take
C. take
D. taking

7. India is planning —– many atomic plants to generate power.
A. builds
B. to build
C. building
D. be build

8. Experiments are going on —– a remedy for diabetes.
A. find
B. finds
C. finding
D. to find

9. Try —– as many languages as possible.
A. learnt
B. to learn
C. learn
D. learning

10. It is not easy —— all people.
A. please
B. pleasing
C. to be pleased
D. to please

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