Synonym related Questions and Answers general english series #17

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Synonym related Questions and Answers

DIRECTIONS : fill in the blank with proper synonym

1. Suddenly Rani heard the sound of water trickling.
A. dripping
B. crawling
C. gushing
D. pouring

2. The roads should be repaired immediately.
A. hastily
B. at once
C. belatedly
D. slowly

3. He taught the students to cultivate their minds.
A. develop
B. change
C. trained
D. teach

4. Raju was exhausted after a long Journey.
A. dull
B. brisk
C. ill
D. tired

5. Some birds will fly away when the weather tuns cold.
A. report
B. climate
C. reason
D. sky

6. The President was given a hearty welcome.
A. cold
B. warm
C. warmly
D. cordially

7. All that glitters are not gold.
A. shining
B. bright
C. gleams
D. gleaming

8. Perhaps there are several other bodies.
A. a few
B. some
C. many
D. a lot of

9. Most of the neighbours quarrel among themselves.
A. chat
B. dispute
C. disputes
D. altercation

10. Judges must not be partial.
A. fairless
B. unequal
C. favouring
D. biased

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