Adjective related Questions and Answers #2

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Adjective related Questions and Answers

1. Direct
A. directly
B. directfully
C. directively
D. directingly

2. History
A. historically
B. historical
C. histrionics
D. histrionic

3. Habit
A. habitat
B. habitually
C. habitual
D. habitable

4. Laudation
A. laud
B. laudable
C. lauding
D. laudably

5. Diplomacy
A. Diploma
B. diplomatic
C. diplomat
D. diplomatically

6. Season
A. seasonal
B. seasoning
C. seasonable
D. seasoned

7. Affection
A. affect
B. affectionate
C. affectingly
D. affectionately

8. Colour
A. coloury
B. colouring
C. colourless
D. colourist

9. Slow
A. slow
B. slowly
C. slowingly
D. none of these

10. Parliament
A. parley
B. parliamentarian
C. parliamentary
D. parleyed

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