Chemistry-General Knowledge questions and answers Part-2 series #25

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Important genral science questions for ssc cgl,Chemistry related important General Knowledge questions,Chemistry important questions and answers, Chemistry questions and answers for IAS, RAS, CDS and SSC CGLThis questions are useful for any competitive exam like IAS, bank PO, SSC CGL, RAS, CDS, UPSC exams and all state related exams.Chemistry related important General Knowledge questions | very important chemistry questions and answers

Chemistry-General Knowledge questions and answers

51. Chloro-fluro-carbon gases are not used in which of the following?  

A.  aerosol sprays
B.  fire-extinguishers
C.  refrigerators
D.  air-conditioning

52. Among the following elements, which one is not present in a pure sugar?  

A.  Carbon
B.  hydrogen
C.  Nitrogen
D.  oxygen

53. Which one of the following has the highest fuel value?  

A.  hydrogen
B.  charcoal
C.  natural gas
D.  gasoline

54. Retinol is the chemical name of  

A.  Vitamin A
B.  Vitamin E
C.  Vitamin D
D.  Vitamin K

55. The substance used in the manufacture of high voltage insulators is  

A.  Silicons
B.  Natural rubber
C.  Silicon carbide
D.  Artificial rubber

56. What is the chemical name of Green vitriol?  

A.  Calcium phosphate
B.  Calcium carbonate
C.  Iron sulphate
D.  Calcium cyanamide

57. The chemical name of laughing gas is  

A.  Nitrous oxide
B.  Nitric oxide
C.  Nitrogen dioxide
D.  Nitrogen peroxide

58. What is the first element of periodic table?  

A.  Sodium
B.  Helium
C.  Neon
D.  Hydrogen

59. Which among the following is in liquid state at normal room temperature?  

A.  Sodium
B.  Mercury
C.  Copper
D.  Phosphorous

60. The chemical name of quartz is  

A.  Sodium silicate
B.  Sodium phosphate
C.  Calicum phosphate
D.  Calcium oxide

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