Indian geography-General Knowledge questions and answers GK Series#18

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Geography-General Knowledge questions and answers

1. Which of the planets is nearest to the earth?  

A.  Jupiter
B.  Venus
C.  Mercury
D.  Mars

2. Which one of the following indian states is the largest producer of natural rubber?  

A.  Tamilnadu
B.  Kerala
C.  Assam
D.  Andhra Pradesh

3. Which palnet is known as the Earth’s twin?  

A.  Venus
B.  Mars
C.  Uranus
D.  Neptune

4. There is rainfall in winter in Tamil Nadu due to the following reasons  

A.  South-West Monsoon
B.  North-East Monsoon
C.  Tropical cost Current
D.  None of these

5. Diesel locomotives are manufactured at  

A.  Kapurthala
B.  Perambur
C.  Varanasi
D.  Jamshedpur

6. The second largest river basin in india is of the river  

A.  Brahmaputra
B.  Narmada
C.  Krishna
D.  Godavari

7. Which one of the following indian states is the largest producer of natural rubber?  

A.  Tamilnadu
B.  Kerala
C.  Assam
D.  Andhra Pradesh

8. The country having the largest area under tea cultivation is  

A.  Brazil
B.  Russia
C.  Bangladesh
D.  India

9. After textile, the second largest industry of India is  

A.  Sugar
B.  Jute
C.  Cement
D.  None of these

10. Maximum length of border of which of the following states is adjacent to that of other States ?  

A.  Bihar
B.  Uttar Pradesh
C.  Rajasthan
D.  Madhya Pradesh

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