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1. Book titled Modi – Incredible emergence of a star in Chinese language written by Tarun Vijay

2. UN elected Denmark’s Mogens Lykketoft to head General Assembly

3. Britain celebrated 800th anniversary of Magna Carta

4. 800-year-old Buddha statue with 1000 hands unveiled by China after 7 years of restoration

5. India and Poland set trade target of 5 billion US dollars by 2018

6. Australia applied holding order to Maggi Noodles from India

7. RTA of UAE included four Indian languages into its driving tests

8. Israeli government approved bill to force feed prisoners

9. Harbhajan Singh became 9th highest wicket-taker in Test Cricket

10. Rafael Nadal won Stuttgart Open

11. RBI issued Draft Framework on Issuance of Rupee linked Bonds Overseas

12. RBI announced Strategic Debt Restructuring Scheme

13. Department of Atomic Energy (DAE) launched India Nuclear Insurance Pool (INIP)

14. NASA scientist developed tool to predict destructive solar storms

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