Physics -General Knowledge questions and answers GK Series#12

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Physics-General Knowledge questions and answers
Physics related questions and answer separate pages added. It have more then 150 questions. They are useful for varies exams like SSC CGL, Bank PO, IAS, RAS, or any other exam that ask general knowledge.Physics related questions and answers, Physics questions and quizzes, quiz on Physics, important Physics, important Physics and questions, general knowledge questions and answers related to general science, ssc cgl gk questions, ssc sample papers,gk questions for ssc,gk questions for ssc cgl, gk for IAS, GK for RAS, Invetions related questions and answers, physics,questions and quizzes, quiz on physics, important inventions, important inventions and questions.

This questions are useful for any competitive exam like IAS, bank PO, SSC CGL, RAS, CDS, UPSC exams and all state related exams.
1. Which of the following measurements is not a unit of distance?  

A.  Ammeter
B.  Cubit
C.  Parsec
C.  Parsec

2. Which one of the following remains constant while throwing a ball upward?  

A.  Displacement
B.  Kinectic energy
C.  Acceleration
C.  Acceleration

3. Pure water freezes at what temperature?  

A.  47 F
B.  32 F
C.  0 F
C.  0 F

4. Which vitamin is abundant in citrus fruits?  

A.  Vitamin A
B.  Vitamin B
C.  Vitamin C
C.  Vitamin C

5. Zinc Oxide is  

A.  Acidic
B.  Basic
C.  Neutral
C.  Neutral

6. Water is a _____________ Conductor of electricity.  

A.  super conductor
B.  bad conductor
C.  speed conductor
C.  speed conductor

7. What element’s three isotopes have different names?  

A. Helium
B. Oxygen
C. Carbon
C. Carbon

8. On which one of the following conservation laws, does a rocket work?  

A.  Mass
B.  Energy
C.  Linear momentum
C.  Linear momentum

9. Which one among the following radiations carries maximum energy?  

A.  Ultraviolet rays
B.  Gamma rays
C.  X- rays
C.  X- rays

10. The Central Arid Zone Research Institute (CAZRI) is located at  

A.  Jaipur
B.  Jodhpur
C.  Jaisalmer
C.  Jaisalmer

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