SSC CGL interview guide- tips and tricks and Common interview questions

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SSC CGL TIER2 was held on 29 sept 2013.  Answer keys of Paper1 and Paper2 will be put up on very soon. Some private institutes have already come up with their own sets of keys.  Read our expected cutoff marks here. Many students have evaluated their possible marks. Those who are expecting interview calls, have started preparing for the interview.  you can read difficulty level analysis of the paper here 

To maximize your chances of getting post of your choice, you need to do well in interview.  So we will provide you detailed guide and common interview questions for ssc cgl interviews.

So first we will look into some excerpts from an actual interview taken place at Staff Selection Commission, Lodhi Road,New Delhi for the post of scientific assistant dated June 2012.

Amit kumar (B.Tech in Electronics Engineering, from Bikaner Rajasthan) walks into room, he find that there were five persons, one of them was a lady, in middle was sitting the president of the board.

He stood by the chair, the president asked him to sit down.

President said  “Amit, tell us about yourself?”

Amit started telling about himself in english. Quickly the president realized that Amit was not comfortable with english language.

He interrupted him and said ” aap Hindi mai bhi bol sakte ho, marks ki chinta mat karo, Hindi ya english se koi fark nhi padega”.

Amit then answered the rest in Hindi.

Picking up from his answer, President asked him some questions on his hobbies and interests. Amit answered accordingly.

Then one other interviewer asked ”  what is  National River Linking Project in India?”

He answered whatever he knew about it. some cross questions were also asked in-between.

Then it was time of presidential election in India. So one board member said ” how is the President elected in india? what is the procedure?”

He answered but couldn’t explain the system of proportional representation by means of a single transferable vote.

Then the lady asked him a question of differential equations from Maths as he was an Engineering student.

He said ” sorry Ma’am i don’t remember”.  So she herself began to explain it to him.

After that two other interviewers asked him four technical questions from the subject EMFT as he was there for a scientific assistant post.

He could answer only two of them.

President asked ” what is western disturbance ?”

he said ” sir, i dont know.”

some more questiions were asked before interview ended. It lasted around 20 minutes.

 Analysis of this interview: 

By analyzing this interview we notice that first few questions are ice-breakers. These questions are about student’s life so that he feels comfortable.

Then some questions from current affairs to check his awareness on national issues. Then some question from subjects of his Graduation. Few questions relating to the post(here,scientific assistant). And some more miscellaneous questions.

Keeping an eye on SSC CGL interviews, which we expect in December this year, it would be beneficial to have brief knowledge on these topics-

  • creation of separate states (special focus on Telengana)
  • assembly and Lok Shabha elections (impact of right to reject etc.)
  • status of women in india
  • natural disasters and global warming (focus on Kedarnath, Uttarakhand)
  • slowdown of Indian economy (how and why Rupee falls and gains etc.)
  • India’s foreign policy(in the context of Pakistan and china)
  • Disqualification of politicians in elections who are  punished by court.

Golden Tip  for interview of ssc cgl:

  • Be confident:  be confident in the interview, even when you don’t know the answer. Say you don’t know. don’t feel disturbed. Interviewer doesn’t expect that you will answer everything.
  • Make good impression:  prepare for ice breaker questions like “tell me about yourself “.  always remember first impression is the last impression.

read next article for tips for ssc cgl here.
Soon we will post set of interview questions for ssc cgl and  will come up with more such interviews tips and tricks. Stay tuned! comments invited.

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