Tips for SSC CGL exam 2014

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Tips for SSC CGL exam 2014

Friends hope you all complete your ssc preparation. We, Examsbook team wish you all best of luck for this exam.
Now giving ssc cgl exam and going through 200 questions in 120 minutes certainly is a race against time. Level of questions is average barring few sticky questions. Most coaching institutes advise students to attempt paper in the following sequence.G.K then English then reasoning and maths in the last. G.k. questions are normally see and tick type so this section would take 15 odd minutes. English should take 20-25 minutes. Rest 80 minutes are for math and reasoning which are considered scoring sections. While attempting G.k. and English have a free hand, dont bother about negative marking. If u can eliminate a single option out of 4 go for a ‘Tukka’.
For math one may adapt oneself to limited space by solving 2-3 papers on paper itself not using rough copy or a clean page.

Thumb rules-
1. never ever ever get stuck in a question.
2. Attempt G.k. questions first and dont take more then 15 min. you can take chance you are not sure of answers, if you can leave out 2 options then must attempt that questions.
3. Then Attempt English in 20-25 min. again you can try eliminate options and tick.
4. in last you attempt maths and reasoning, pass the question if you not sure how to solve that. Don’t stuck in any questions.
5. Don’t Attempt new type of geometry questions which you never solved.

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