Guide to Higher Education in the USA

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NEW guide to higher education in USA

Today, due to the wide variety of study opportunities abroad, more and more students are thinking about getting a higher education diploma at one of the best universities in the world. Therefore, very often the choice stops at US universities. And this is not surprising, because, among the top 20 universities in the world, 13 are located in the US, 4 are British, as well as one university in Canada, Australia, and Switzerland.

Enrollment in Leading US Universities

The process of enrolling in leading US universities is very time-consuming, as universities are very careful in selecting candidates for enrollment. And precisely here lies one of the reasons for the success of American higher education. A strict selection mechanism at the stage of admission to the university makes their diplomas very valuable.

Unlike British universities, American universities do not require the study of subjects corresponding to future specialization before entering the university. But at the same time, there are rather high requirements. For example, they may ask to write an essay. And it may be quite difficult for students. Therefore, you can ask a custom essay service for help. 

In addition to the results of the SAT exam, knowledge of the English language (TOEFL iBT 90+) and excellent academic achievements are required for candidates to be admitted to many US universities.

In this connection, the IBD (International Baccalaureate Diploma) program, which provides students with all the necessary knowledge and skills required for admission and study at the university, is becoming increasingly popular among schoolchildren and universities.

IB program

IB is an interesting international program that is highly regarded not only in the United States but throughout the world. This program was created in Switzerland. Initially, it was formed in the 60s by the International Baccalaureate Organization (IBO), located in Geneva. Nowadays, this same organization controls the quality of the program and also accredits schools that provide training on the IB program. An IB diploma is always a plus for the student, both for admission and further career growth.

In each of the countries of the world, there are different requirements for foreign students to enroll. The international IB program is specially designed in such a way that almost all universities in the world accept students with IB Diploma without entrance exams. Simply put, this program is the path to many higher education institutions in the world. US universities are no exception and appreciate the quality of knowledge of students who have completed the IB program. And many are accepted immediately to the second year of university. True, it all depends, of course, on the grades obtained in exams at the end of IB.

US University Admissions

The extra-curricular activity of applicants, their employment in public organizations, the availability of practical or research work, and scientific achievements are of great importance for the university selection committee. It is also encouraged if the candidate international experience. For example, he or she participated in volunteer, public or academic projects in other countries. 

Thus, studying at the IB program, foreign students receive all the necessary knowledge, skills and experience required by universities. They read literature, study American history, as well as get experience in participating in social events. For members of the University Admission Commission, IB is a program that provides a huge amount of information about the student. It allows not only to understand what a graduate knows, but also how creative he is and what contribution he can make to the development of society.

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