GK Questions - Basic General Knowledge Questions and Answers

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These are very important GK Questions for all competitive exams like IAS, Bank PO, SSC CGL, RAS, CDS, UPSC exams and all state-related exam. Practice with this huge collection of Basic General Knowledge Questions and Answers.

You can attempt gk questions for fun too. There are a lot of General Knowledge questions on this site. after reading the article go to below links to read more. 

Now I am providing you very useful basic general knowledge questions and answers for SSC Exams, Rajasthan Police and many other Competitive Exams.

GK Questions 2018 - Basic General Knowledge questions and answers

1. Which crop is sown on the largest area in India?  

A.  Rice
B.  Wheat
C.  Sugarcane
D.  Maize

Ans .A

2. The value of Gold is determined in  

A.  Rome
B.  Washington
C.  Teheran
D.  London

Ans .D

Indian Geography GK Questions

3. The state which has the largest number of sugar mills in India is  

A.  Bihar
B.  Haryana
C.  Punjab
D.  Uttar Pradesh

Ans .D

4. First University in India was founded at  

A.  Bombay
B.  Chennai
C.  Calcutta
D.  Delhi

Ans .C

5. Tajmahal is on the banks of  

A.  Ganges
B.  Jamuna
C.  Tapti
D.  Cauvery

Ans .B

Indian Constituion Questions and Answers

6. The currency notes are printed in  

A.  New Delhi
B.  Nasik
C.  Nagpur
D.  Bombay

Ans .B

7. Which is the Land of the Rising Sun?  

A.  Japan
B.  Australia
C.  China
D.  Taiwan

Ans .A

8. The largest ocean in the world is  

A.  The Indian Ocean
B.  The Antarctic
C.  The Atlantic Ocean
D.  The Pacific Ocean

Ans .D

General Science GK Questions and Answers

9. The Kalahari Desert is in  

A.  India
B.  Chile
C.  South Africa
D.  Saudi Arabia

Ans .C

10. Mica is available abundantly in  

A.  Bihar
B.  Haryana
C.  Karnataka
D.  Rajasthan

Ans .A

These questions are useful for any competitive exam like IAS, bank PO, SSC CGL, RAS, CDS, UPSC exams and all state related exams.

Gk 2018: Basic General Knowledge questions and answers

11. Second World war began in  

A.  1931
B.  1935
C.  1937
D.  1938

Ans .D

12. Kancheepuram was once the capital of  

A.  Pandiyas
B.  Cholas
C.  Cheras
D.  Pallavas

Ans .D

General Awareness Questions and Answers

13. Chief Justice of the Supreme Court can hold office until the age of  

A.  58
B.  60
C.  65
D.  62

Ans .C

14. The largest gland in the human body is  

A.  Liver
B.  Adrenal
C.  Pituitary
D.  None of the above

Ans .A

15. The chemical name of common salt is  

A.  Potassium Chloride
B.  Sodium Chloride
C.  Calcium Carbonate
D.  Sodium Carbonate

Ans .B

General GK Questions Answers

16. In the Parliamentary system of India, the Executive is subordinate to  

A.  The Press
B.  The Judiciary
C.  The Legislature
D.  None of these

Ans .C

17. The Election Commission can be removed by  

A. The President
B. The Parliament
C. Home Minister
D. Prime Minister

Ans .B

18. The system of dual citizenship exists in  

A.  India
B.  France
C.  United Kingdom

Ans .D

19. Who are the guardians of Fundamental rights?  

A.  Parliament
B.  The President
C.  The Prime Minister
D.  Supreme Court and High Court

Ans .D

Sports GK Questions and Answers

20. The President of the Constituent Assembly was  

A.  Dr. K.M. Munshi
B.  Dr. Rajendra Prasad
C.  Jawaharlal Nehru
D.  Dr. B.R. Ambedkar

Ans .B

21. Who among the following got the Bharat Ratna award before becoming the president of India?  

A.  R Venkataraman
B.  Dr. Rajendra Prasad
C.  DR Zakir Hussian
D.  W Giri

Ans .D

A.  Martin Luther King
B.  Mother Terasa
C.  Khan Abdul Ghaffar Khan
D.  Aubin Mehta

Ans .C

23. When did Mother Teresa win the Nobel Peace Prize?  

A.  1975
B.  1979
C.  1981
D.  1982

Ans .B

Basic GK Questions and Answers

24. Which one of the following glasses is used in bullet proof screens?  

A.  Soda glass
B.  Pyrex glasss
C.  Jena glass
D.  Reinforced glass

Ans .D

25. Which substance is used to retard the setting action of cement?  

A.  CaO
B.  AlO
C.  CaSO.2HO
D.  NaO + KO

Ans .C

26. The mineral in which India depends largely on imports is  

A.  Iron Ore
B.  Bauxite
C.  Mica
D.  Mercury

Ans .D

27. The last Mughal Emperor was  

A.  Akbar
B.  Bahadur Shah
C.  NoorJehan
D.  Babur

Ans .B

28. The state which leads in agricultural production is  

A.  Haryana
B.  Punjab
C.  Karnataka
D.  Tamil Nadu

Ans .B

29. The longest mountain range in the world is  

A.  The Alps
B.  The Himalayas
C.  The Andes
D.  The Rockies

Ans .C

30. The most populous city in the world is  

A. Paris
B. London
C. Peking
D. Tokyo

Ans .D

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