How to Become a Better Essay Writer: 5 Tips to Brush Up Your Writing Style

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How to Become a Better Essay Writer - 5 Tips to Brush Up Your Writing Style

Students have to write dozens of papers every semester. Yet, for some reason, essays continue to be intimidating to a lot of learners. Students struggle to convey their thoughts and make their papers compelling. That’s why the writing process becomes agonizing. 

The good news is that you can easily improve your writing style by following these five tips that every online essay writer from uses in their work. 

1. Reduce Wordy Phrases

Needless wordy phrases clutter your writing and make it more challenging for a reader to follow. Try to avoid redundancies. If you can remove a phrase or make it shorter without changing the meaning of a sentence, do it! Here are some examples:

  • Eliminate wordy phrases. Learn from the best essay writers and use “because” instead of “for the reason that.” “About” is a good short alternative for “concerning the matter of.” A simple “if” can substitute “under the circumstances in which.” 
  • Reduce prepositional phrases. They often have shorter alternatives: “student’s essay” instead of “essay of a student,” “performance result” instead of “result of performance,” etc.
  • Get rid of expletive constructions. Phrases like “it is” and “there is/are” make the subject and action of a sentence less expressive. 
  • Be careful with noun strings. Sometimes clusters of nouns can be concise and good for your writing. Yet, if they become longer than 2-3 words, like “undergraduate law student course application form,” rephrase the noun string by changing nouns to verbs and adding prepositional phrases.

2. Get Writing Assistance

Writing is a complex skill that encompasses various nuances. From the way you organize your process to the principles you are applying—there’s a lot to consider. Don’t worry if you experience difficulties at first. It’s normal that you need time to practice. 

However, if you feel stuck in the painful process of trial and error and your grades don’t improve, seek help from a professional essay writer. They will draft your paper for you and thus show you how to structure your writing, work with sources, and improve clarity. You can also use a sample from your essay writer to learn from it. Identify the strong points it has and try to use similar techniques in your future papers. 

3. Use the Active Voice

Try to use the active voice as much as you can. The best essay writers online point out that it makes your writing more dynamic and clear. In contrast, passive constructions usually end up being too wordy and vague. 

The active voice takes a traditional subject-verb-object structure. It is a more powerful way to present information than the passive voice. Compare:

  • Researchers published a new study.
  • A new study was published by researchers. 

The active voice is more concise. It cuts down on unnecessary words and makes your writing more straightforward. 

Naturally, there are certain situations when you need to use the passive voice. For example, if your goal is to:

  • Maintain an authoritative tone;
  • Avoid naming a person to be discreet;
  • Emphasize an action instead of a doer. 

Use the passive voice only if you have a clear purpose for doing so. In all other instances, the active voice is preferable in academic writing.

4. Write Short Paragraphs

A pro tip from essay writers on how to improve your writing style is to adhere to shorter, more manageable paragraphs. They are easier to digest for the reader. Thus, they multiply your chances of getting your message across without misunderstandings. 

The number of sentences in a paragraph depends on your goal and writing task. Academic writing usually allows longer paragraphs as you need to provide sufficient supporting details for your idea. But essay writers recommend avoiding exceeding a 150-word limit per paragraph. It’s also a good idea to vary the length of your paragraphs. Otherwise, your writing might look choppy. 

5. Vary Your Sentence Structure

Technically, there’s nothing wrong with repeating the same sentence structure. Yet, some variation significantly improves the readability of your essay. 

Look at the structure of your sentences as a tool to achieve a certain effect on the reader. Simple and compound, short and long—alter different structures to avoid monotonousness and make your writing more dynamic and expressive. Any professional essay writer service sticks to this principle. Here are some strategies to diversify your sentence structure:

  • Add different transitions between ideas;
  • Switch phrases around;
  • Vary sentence length;
  • Change subjects;
  • Combine two sentences into a compound one, or vice versa. 

The varied syntax will create a unique rhythm and make your writing more natural and engaging. 

Final Thoughts:

While every essay writer has their own style, you can benefit from strengthening it with these five principles of academic writing. By making your choice of syntax and vocabulary more deliberate, you improve the clarity and readability of your papers. Your essays become more powerful and engaging, and thus you get better chances of earning the desired grades. 

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