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In which of the following cities was the Veda Samaj established in 1864?

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    Bombay (now Mumbai)
  • 2
    Madras (now Chennai)
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    Calcutta (now Kolkata)
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Answer : 2. "Madras (now Chennai)"
Explanation :

1. Veda Samaj was founded in 1864 in Madras (Chennai) and was inspired by Brahmo Samaj.

2. Caste discrimination was abolished, and widow remarriage and women's education were encouraged.

3. Keshab Chandra Sen and K. Sridharalu Naidu worked to establish the Veda Samaj in Madras in 1864.

4. Veda Samaj was a very important social reform in South India. In 1864, Sridharalu Naidu and Keshab Chandra Sen were instrumental in establishing the society in Madras.

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