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Six people, Parul, Rajendra, Satish, Tarun, Vishal and Prakash, were all born on the same day of the year. But each was born in different six consecutive years. It is also known that_______
 (a) Parul is older than Satish
 (b) Rajendra is older than both Tarun and Vishal
 (c) Prakash is 2years older than Tarun
 (d) Parul was born either in 1962 or in 1963
 (e) The oldest member of the group was born in 1960
 Read the above information and Answer the following question.
 Que-Which of the following group is correctly listed from the youngest to the oldest?

  • 1
    Satish, Parul, Rajendra, Tarun, Vishal, Prakash
  • 2
    Satish, Vishal, Parul, Tarun, Prakash, Rajendra
  • 3
    Satish, Vishal, Tarun, Prakash, Parul Rajendra
  • 4
    Satish, Vishal, Tarun, Parul, Prakash, Rajendra
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Answer : 4. "Satish, Vishal, Tarun, Parul, Prakash, Rajendra"

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