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The motive of e-SHRAM portal is -

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    To create a National Database of unorganised workers.
  • 2
    To create a National Database of organised workers
  • 3
    To educate workers
  • 4
    To do online payment of workers
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Answer : 1. "To create a National Database of unorganised workers."
Explanation :

1. Creating a centralized database of all unorganized workers, including construction workers, migrant workers, gig and platform workers, hawkers, domestic workers, agricultural workers, etc., who are to be linked to Aadhaar.

2. Integration of social security schemes for unorganized workers which are being administered by the Ministry of Labor and Employment and subsequently by other ministries also.

3. To share information for delivery of various social security and welfare schemes being administered through API medium with various stakeholders such as Ministries/Departments/Boards/Agencies/Organizations of Central and State Governments in respect of registered unorganized workers.

4. To trace the status and address/present location of migrant workers and their movement from the formal sector to the informal sector and vice versa.

5. Portability of social security and welfare benefits for migrant and construction workers.

6. To provide a comprehensive database to the Central and State Governments to deal with any other national crisis like COVID-19 in future.

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