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Select the correct passive form of the given sentence.

We have looked at the plan carefully.

  • 1
    The plan was looked at carefully.
  • 2
    The plan is being looked at carefully.
  • 3
    The plan has been looked at carefully.
  • 4
    The plan have been looked at carefully.
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Answer : 3. "The plan has been looked at carefully."
Explanation :

The given sentence is in Passive Voice. As per the question we have to change it into Active Voice.
The structure of the given sentence as follows: Subject+has/have+V3+Object.
(Active Voice) Subject (Objective Case)+has/have+been+V3+Object (Subjective Case).
(Passive Voice) 'The plan' will be put in place of 'we'.
(Subject becomes object) And 'We' will be put in place of 'The plan'.
(the object becomes subject) 'Have looked at' will be changed into 'Has looked at'.
(To agree with the changed subject and object) Thus the correct sentence is:
The plan has been carefully looked at

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