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What is the correct statement related to Avogadro?

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    Avogadro made a distinction between electrons and neutrons.
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    Avogadro discovered a difference between animal and plant cell.
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    Avogadro discovered electrons.
  • 4
    Avogadro made a distinction between atoms and molecules
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Answer : 4. "Avogadro made a distinction between atoms and molecules"
Explanation :

This is a fundamental constant in chemistry that represents the number of atoms or molecules in one mole of a substance. (Option 4 is correct) Its value is approximately 6.022 x 1023, and it is denoted by the symbol "N_A". Avogadro's number is a key concept in stoichiometry. The branch of chemistry deals with the quantitative relationships between reactants and products in chemical reactions.

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