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What is the name of the scheme launched in 2021 for students to attain foundational literacy and numeracy up to class 3?

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    NIPUN Bharat
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    NISHTHA 2.0
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Answer : 1. "NIPUN Bharat"
Explanation :

1. The main objective of the Nipun Bharat Mission is to enable children of 3 years to 9 years to learn arithmetic reading and writing.

2. The main objective of Nipun Bharat Yojana is to develop basic literacy and numeracy knowledge among the students. Through this scheme, by the end of class 3 by 2026-27, students will have the ability to learn reading, writing and arithmetic.

3. NIPUN Bharat will be operated by the Department of Education and Literacy. This scheme will be a part of the school education program Samagra Shiksha.

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