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Which of the following inscriptions refers to the repairing of a lake named 'Sudarshan Lake'?

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    Hathigumpha inscription of Kharvela
  • 2
    Allahabad prashasti of Samudragupta
  • 3
    Aihole inscription of Pulkeshin
  • 4
    Junagarh inscription of Rudradaman
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Answer : 4. "Junagarh inscription of Rudradaman"
Explanation :

1. The first eight lines present a historical record of the restoration work of the reservoir named "Sudarshan Lake", which was built by the great Maurya ruler Chandragupta Maurya in the 4th century BCE.

2. The greatest name of a Saka ruler in India is known from his coins, but even more so from his Junagarh inscription dated to the year 72 i.e. 150 AD.

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