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Which of the following is a valid example of an e-wallet?

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    Drop Box
  • 2
    Way To Sms
  • 3
    Monster India
  • 4
    Pay TM (PayTM)
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Answer : 4. "Pay TM (PayTM)"
Explanation :

1. Paytm is an example of a valid e-wallet. E-wallet is a digital wallet that can be used to make payments both online and offline.

2. Paytm is a popular Indian e-wallet used by millions of people in India. Paytm can be used by users for online shopping, cash transfers, and bill payments.

Examples of valid e-wallets include-

Google Pay


Amazon Pay

Flipkart Pay


Airtel Payments Bank

ICICI Pockets

HDFC Payzapp

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