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NEW use this platform on your next group project

Working together in a group can be challenging, but also highly rewarding. It can add something new to your task or exam paper because there are more people, with different skills working towards a common goal. Finding a good group is hard itself and therefore the platform you use to write and communicate should run smoothly. 

Google is the perfect platform for teamwork because it lets everyone write in the same document at once. The famous domain “Google Drive” is used and loved by many for this exact reason. It opens up for online storage amongst many other features. Here is why you should use dive the next time you are working in a group.

Share Documents

The most valuable part of the Google Drive platform is the ability to share documents. You can create a shared file and add your teammates via e-mail. Then people on the team can create shared documents for everyone to see and write in. This is a great way to keep track of the process and how much is done. Drive is a helpful tool if the team cannot meet in person every day but rather needs to work online. 

Besides making documents and a filing system, Google Drive also lets you make spreadsheets, illustrations and PowerPoints. Now everyone can have a say in what the final presentation will look like and the whole team can participate in all parts of the group project. You never know, maybe this will turn into a start-up that you need a unique domain for.

Make Surveys

Surveys are a great way of collecting valuable quantitative data for your projects. It is easy to make and most importantly easy to spread and answer. You can create surveys in the group file, this makes both the survey and corresponding answer available for everyone in the group. It is all collected in one place and the answers are shown in percentages and diagrams for easy understanding. You can create several questions in different forms and change the design and layout. In other words, one of the best tools to get an A+ on your next assignment.

Communicate in the Chat

Communication is key and the chat function in Google Drive makes this possible. Not only are you all writing live, but you can also talk to each other and discuss the project in the chat function. This is on the right side of every single document. Say goodbye to overflowing Facebook chats or e-mail groups.

The chat program can easily be downloaded in the document. It is also possible to leave comments and notes within the text, with the commenting tool. This is great if you are looking over each other’s texts, or you need help and input on something you have written.

In other words, Google Drive is an amazing tool for when you are working in a team. The platform is updated to ensure user-friendliness and innovative sharing solutions. Drive can also be used when you are working alone to make sure your documents are saved in the cloud!

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