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Consider the following statements. According to 73rd constitution amendment;

a) The Panchayat Raj Act in Rajasthan was introduced on 23rd April 1994.

b) It is compulsory to call the meeting of gram sabha twice during a year.

c) It is compulsory to reserve one-third of seats for the women at all levels of Panchayati Raj.

d) One-third reservation is also compulsory for Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes.

Which of the statement/statements given above is/are correct? Select the correct answer on the basis of the code given below:

  • 1
    a and b only
  • 2
    c and d only
  • 3
    a, b and c only
  • 4
    a and d only
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Answer : 3. "a, b and c only "
Explanation :

73rd Constitutional Amendment Act 1992

1. The Act added Part IX, “Panchayats” to the Constitution and also added the Eleventh Schedule which contains 29 functional objects of Panchayats.

2. Part IX of the Constitution consists of Article 243 to Article 243O.

3. The Amendment Act gives shape to Article 40, (Directive Principles of State Policy) of the Constitution, which directs the State to organize Gram Panchayats and confer on them powers and authorities so that they function as self-government. Can do.

4. With the Act, Panchayati Raj systems come under the ambit of the equitable part of the Constitution and mandate the states to adopt this system. Furthermore, the election process in Panchayati Raj institutions will be independent of the wishes of the State Government.

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