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Q: How many Indian states share border with Myanmar  ?

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Answer : 4. "4"
Explanation :

Answer: D) 4 Explanation: The four northeast Indian states share 1,643-km border with Myanmar – Arunachal Pradesh, Nagaland, Mizoram and Manipur. It is in news recently, because the Indian Government has set up an expert committee to examine the rules which allow free movement of Indian and Myanmarese citizens within 16 kms of the border, but are exploited by militants for smuggling arms, drugs, and fake Indian currency. The committee will be headed by the special secretary (Internal Security) in the Ministry of Home Affairs. The committee will give its report for uniform and effective implementation of free movement regime within 3 months. It will also prepare standard operating procedures common for all the four states so that militants, criminals and contraband are filtered at the border without causing inconvenience to genuine people.

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