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In the format of the IUPAC name of the organic compound, the term ‘Root’ is used to represent:

  • 1
    the number of carbon atoms in the parent chain
  • 2
    the presence of side chains or substituent groups
  • 3
    functional groups that may be present in the compound
  • 4
    the cyclic or acyclic nature of the given compound
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Answer : 1. "the number of carbon atoms in the parent chain"
Explanation :

The Word root indicates the total number of carbon atoms present in the longest carbon chain belonging to the compound For example, 'Meth' refers to a chain with 1 carbon atom and 'Pent' refers to a chain with 5 carbon atoms. metalloid in dictionary chemical name is Naoh. Nylon properties: Atomic number of iodine. Dobereiner Traids an Atomic compound.

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