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Study the given information carefully and answer the given questions.
Auditions for a show were held in seven different cities of India- Chennai, Bengaluru, Cochin, Mumbai, Delhi, Bhopal and Kolkata, not necessarily in the same order, during the first seven months of the year 2011 (starting on January and ending in July). The auditions were held only in one city during a month. Auditions in only four cities were held between the Kolkata audition and the Cochin audition. The Kolkata Audition was not held in June. Only one audition was held between the Kolkata audition and the Bengaluru audition The Chennai audition was held immediately after the Kolkata audition. The Delhi audition was held immediately before the Bhopal audition. The Bhopal audition was not held in May.
How many auditions were held between the Mumbai audition and the Chennai audition?

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Answer : 1. "One"
Explanation :

Mumbai                         January
Kolkata                          February
Chennai                         March
Bengaluru                      April
Delhi                              May
Bhopal                           June
Cochin                           July

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