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The governor of the state in India is_________.

  • 1
    Directly elected by the people of India
  • 2
    Appointed by the chief minister of the state
  • 3
    Appointed by the prime minister
  • 4
    Appointed by the president
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Answer : 4. "Appointed by the president"
Explanation :

The Constitution of India stated that the Governor has a dual role - as the Constitutional head of the state, and as a vital link between the Union Government and the State government. The appointment and powers of the Governor can be derived from Part VI of the Indian Constitution. Article 153 says that there shall be a Governor for each state. One can be appointed as Governor for two or more states. Article 157 and 158 of the Indian Constitution specify eligibility requirements for the post of Governor. The term of the Governor's office is normally 5 years but can be terminated before the said period. Sarojini Naidu was the first female to become the Governor of an Indian state (Uttar Pradesh).

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