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Q: Who discovered the monomers of nucleic acids?

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    James Watson, Francis Crick, and Rosalind Franklin
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    Friedrich Miescher
  • 3
    Phoebus Levene
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    Gerardus Johannes Mulder and Jöns Jacob Berxelius
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Answer : 3. "Phoebus Levene"
Explanation :

Answer: C) Phoebus Levene Explanation: Deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA) is a nucleic acid polymer composed of monomers called nucleotides. Nucleotides are composed of three components: (1) a pentose sugar; (2) a nitrogenous base; and (3) one to three phosphate groups. Phoebus Levene, a Russian biochemist was the first to discover the nucleotide and the first to correctly identify the way nucleic acid molecules, DNA.

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