5 Mistakes you Should Avoid While Studying

5 Mistakes you Should Avoid While Studying

Nowadays, the competition is getting more complex daily, and it is not straightforward to get the desired job in the government sector. Hard work, dedication, and constant efforts are not enough for this; you also need to do some smart work.

Stress causes students to make more mistakes than usual in examination preparation, which gives undesirable results but can be avoided.

Other valuable tools such as time management, problem-solving skills, self-evaluation, staying motivated, keeping calm and going, etc., help students reach their goals.

In this blog, we will talk about the most common mistakes that you need to avoid any cost while preparing for the exam;

Five Common things to avoid while preparing for competitive exams

#Lack of Master Plan

Exams can be very stressful for students. Sometimes students ask different successful candidates about their strategies and try to follow the same. Which only to find out which strategy to really follow. Therefore, make your strategy according to your convenience.

Start your preparation quickly without waiting for the exam date; thus, you feel confident for the rest of the time. You will also help you become more efficient with your time. Keep in mind - do not set impossible goals for yourself.

Also, if your study plan is not helping you effectively, review your strategies and consider making changes.

#Revolving with Many Books or Sources 

Currently, many study materials are available offline and online to prepare for competitive exams. It cannot be easy to choose a single study source.

Students buy multiple books. They leave one book from another and move towards another source due to their study mate's suggestion; this reaction to the study disrupts their preparation to a great extent.

Try to collect only limited and relevant books instead of a pile of useless study materials that can keep you updated according to the latest exam pattern and syllabus.

While preparing for competitive exams, you must trust yourself and feel that your exam score and performance depend on your hard work.

#Preparation for Too Many Exams at the Same Time

Your consideration that more than one competitive examination like UPSC, SSC, Railways, and Banking can be adequately targeted simultaneously is not appropriate but is a waste of time.

Many candidates try to participate in every government examination so they can be kept in any government sector, which is quite misleading. You must have a specific goal that can fulfill your success purpose.

If you have to go for a banking examination or SSC, then keep in mind that both exams have separate syllabus and patterns. When the SSC exam is near, you run for the preparation of SSC, and when it is finished, you return to prepare for the banking exam again, and thus, you only lose track. Therefore, target a select exam with a strategy and stick to it.

#Ignoring Mock Test

The mock test is a mirror similar to the actual exam that they help students assess themselves and know their weaknesses and strong points. A mock test is the smartest way to practice.

Once you finish and revise the entire syllabus study, you can start taking mock tests as much as possible.

With the mock test, you not only get acquainted with the exam pattern but will be able to convert them into a strength by knowing your mistakes.

This way, students can re-prepare their study plan and overcome the hindrance to their success. 

#Preparation from Last Minute

Waiting for official notification before starting exam preparation; is a very ineffective practice.

Some students start preparing 2-3 weeks before the exam without knowing the syllabus and pattern. However, it may be your huge mistake to assess the syllabus lightly, which is not possible to complete in such a short time.

Studying at the last minute has never helped anyone, so prepare well over time. When studying, finally ensure separate time in your timetable for revision.

Are you tense about how to make a timetable for exam preparation and work on it? Then click here.

Some Study Tips for Competitive Exams

  • Make a practical timetable and follow it.
  • Create a habit of studying daily. 
  • Solve sample papers and previous year's papers.
  • Prepare well-organized and detailed notes.
  • Don't Mug Up.
  • Keep Confidence in your exam.
  • Do not be afraid to face failures.

Are you making these common mistakes too? And how are you working towards correcting them? Tell us in the comments below!

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