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Charaka and Nagarjuna were the adornments of whose court?

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    Chandragupta Maurya
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Answer : 1. "Kanishka"
Explanation :

Kanishka's coin 'Kanishka' was the chief emperor of the Kushan dynasty. He holds a special place in Indian history for his conquests, religious inclination, being a lover of literature and art. The Yuchi caste, which originated from the Yuchi clan, established the Kushan dynasty in India and gave India a great ruler like Kanishka. Not only did Buddhism flourish under Kanishka's patronage, but many famous scholars also took shelter in his court. Apart from Vasumitra, Parsva and Ashvaghosha, the famous Buddhist scholar Nagarjuna was also his contemporary. Nagarjuna has been a famous philosopher of Buddhism and he is considered the originator of the Mahayana sect.

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