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Q: Resistance of human body in dry condition

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    10 ohm
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    1000 ohm
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    10000 ohm
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    100000 ohm
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Answer : 4. "100000 ohm"
Explanation :

Answer: D) 100000 ohm Explanation: Under dry conditions, the resistance offered by the human body may be as high as 100,000(10^5) Ohms.   Depending on the person, a rough value for the internal resistance of the human body is 300-1,000 Ohms. The skin's resistance is much lower if it is wet or burnt/blistered. There are a lot of factors involved and not every person has the same electrical resistance. For instance, men tend to have lower resistance than women. Within the body, the tissues with the greatest resistance are bone and fat - nerves and muscle have the least resistance.

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