Toppers Way to Crack Competitive Exams

Toppers Way to Crack Competitive Exams

Hello Students, 

As we have appreciated the best students in school, college, and many exams since childhood and have always been impressed by toppers’ daily routines. Thousands of students take the exam, but it's only a small percentage pass.

If you give a chance to yourself to be in the category of toppers, then it is natural to think that what is the secret of their success story.

Obviously, to become a topper, you have to prepare like a topper. That's why this blog will tell some such things so that you can have the same mindset.

Develop a Study Timetable -

If you study for 14 hours a day, it doesn't matter, but if you stick to a timetable of 6 to 8 hours consistently, then it is also enough. Consistency is the key to success, as it enhances your learning capacity and helps you prepare for the exam. Many students fail to follow their study plans as they prioritize study time, leaving little time for rest and entertainment.

Make sure you give yourself enough time to rest, so be practical!

What exactly is a study strategy? Basically, A study timetable is a detailed plan for how a student should use their time to study. It typically includes when to study specific topics, how long each day, and what resources to use. A study plan is essential for helping students organize their time and focus on their studies.

Understand the Exam Format -

After deciding to appear for the exam, the second step is to know the exam pattern. Exactly (a) what will be the duration, exam system and marking scheme (b) how to study (c) what to study (d) where to concentrate (e) how to retain long-term memory (f) how to cover key points/issues etc. helps in estimating. All in all, it is important to understand the nuances of the exam question paper.

Knowing the exam format can also help you plan your time management so you can make the most of the allotted time for the exam. Finally, understanding the exam format can help reduce test anxiety by providing a sense of familiarity.

More Practice Time than Reading Time -

One of the topper's secrets is that they devote more time to practice, almost more than 70% of the time they spend in practice. Generally, the more you practice, the higher your exam score will be.

Toppers make all their mistakes during their practice sessions and correct them, as a result of which they perform well in the examination hall. Therefore, it is perfect.

Practicing is an important part of learning a new skill or developing an existing one. At the same time, it is necessary to balance practice and reading material related to the skill being developed.

Solving practice papers and sample questions will help you identify your strengths and weaknesses and become more familiar with the exam format.

Study Smarter & Better -

You will hardly find any topper who is always immersed in subject books. At present, this method is not appropriate considering the tough competition; instead, toppers use online sources; although it may be difficult to choose the best online platform for exam preparation, It is often more beneficial than turning pages in a book and engaging in research. 

A good online study platform can help students stay organized and focus on their studies. It provides online tutorials, mock tests, practice tests and interactive learning tools.

Also, you don't need to study for 10-12 hours every day if you can give your full concentration for only 4 hours. Avoid tiring your mind by working too hard. Instead, be smart like a topper and focus on being productive.

Set the Habit of Making Notes -

Making notes for exams is a great habit to develop because it helps to organize your thoughts and make studying easier. By taking notes, you can identify the critical points of the material and prioritize what is important to study. Also, studying from your notes can help create a more robust understanding and recall of the material. Making notes also helps to reduce anxiety associated with exams by providing a way to review the material and prepare.

A topper always follows it. So, Take notes while studying by highlighting, underlining, or writing down key points. It will help you to prepare for the exam and practice test-taking strategies.


Apart from the methods above, toppers don’t usually take tension, maintain a positive attitude, and stay motivated throughout their preparation. They also make sure to take care of their physical and mental health so that they are able to perform better on exam day.

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