Error in Use of Adverbs for Competitive Exams

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Errors in Use of Adverbs

"Adverbs are words that add information about the verb."

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1. Adverbs of manner, place and time are usually placed after the verb or object. 


He was running slowly.

Reena does her work carefully. 

I met him yesterday.

They followed Rachna everywhere.

2. Adverbs of frequency (e.g. never, often, usually, always, rarely, etc.) and other adverbs (like already, almost, just, quite, nearly, hardly) are normally put between subject and verb. If there is more than one word in the verb, they are put after first word.


He often goes to Delhi.

I quite agree with you.

But if verb is ‘am’, ‘is’ and ‘are’ adverb is placed after the verb.


I am never late for school.

3. The adverb enough is placed after the adjective.


She is cunning enough to tackle him.

4.’Ever’ is sometimes incorrectly used for ‘never’.


He seldom or ever tells a lit. (X)

He seldom or never tells a lie. (Right)

5. Adverb ‘not’ shouldn’t be used with words having negative meaning.


The teacher forbade me not to go. (Wrong)

The teacher forbade me to go. (Right)

6. The word ‘only’ should be placed immediately before the word it modifies.


Hari answered only two questions.

7. An adverb should not be used before an infinitive.


He quickly did the job. (Wrong)

He did the job quickly. (Right)

8. The auxiliaries have to and used to come after the adverb.


He often used to go to cinema.

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