Mixed GK Questions for Patwari Exams

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Mixed Gk questions for patwari exam
Q :  

Which is the largest desert in the world?

(A) Gibson

(B) Great Sandy

(C) Gobi

(D) Sahara

Correct Answer : D

Q :  

What is the approximate circumference of earth?

(A) 70,000 Km

(B) 50,000 Km

(C) 40,000 Km

(D) 90,000 Km

Correct Answer : C

Q :  

World’s longest land border is between which two countries?

(A) Australia and New Zealand

(B) Canada and USA

(C) Switzerland and Italy

(D) India and China

Correct Answer : B

Q :  

Mariana Trench is found in

(A) Atlantic Ocean

(B) Pacific Ocean

(C) Indian Ocean

(D) Arctic Ocean

Correct Answer : B

Q :  

In which country is the headquarters of the World Bank located?

(A) England

(B) Russia


(D) Japan

Correct Answer : C

Q :  

The amount of ordinary salt present in ocean water is-

(A) 2.8%

(B) 10%

(C) 5%

(D) 12.8%

Correct Answer : A

Q :  

Name of the city in the world known as ‘Big Apple’?

(A) New York

(B) Sweden

(C) Kanada

(D) Yuganda

Correct Answer : A

Q :  

Which place is said to be the Manchester of South India?

(A) Coimbatore

(B) Salem

(C) Thanjavur

(D) Madurai

Correct Answer : A

Q :  The Headquarters of SAARC is

(A) Dhaka

(B) New Delhi

(C) Karachi

(D) Kathmandu

Correct Answer : D

Q :  

Which part of the constitution relates to the amendment?

(A) Part XV

(B) Part X

(C) Part VIII

(D) Part XX

Correct Answer : D

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