Daily GK Current Affairs Questions May 30

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Current Affairs Questions

Q.15 Where did Archery World Cup Stage 3 2019 hold?

(A) Rabat, Morocco

(B) Antalya, Turkey

(C) Lima, Peru

(D) Tokyo, Japan

Ans .  B

Q.16 Which international organization has unveiled a new strategy to tackle global snakebite "Emergency"?





Ans .  A

Q.17 Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) has inaugurated its new commercial arm 'NewSpace India Limited' (NSIL) at __________.

(A) Mumbai, Maharashtra

(B) Kolkata, West Bengal

(C) Guwahati, Assam

(D) Bengaluru, Karnataka

Ans .  D

Q.18 International Missing Children's Day 2019 was observed on ___________.

(A) 25th May

(B) 24th May

(C) 23rd May

(D) 22nd May

Ans .  A

Q.19 On which date, World Thyroid Day is celebrated?

(A) May 27

(B) May 26

(C) May 25

(D) May 22

Ans .  C

Q.20 The commandant of the Indian Army Lieutenant General Shailesh Tinaikar was appointed as the new force commander of the United Nations Mission to which country?

(A) Syria

(B) South Sudan

(C) Nigeria

(D) Ethiopia

Ans .  B

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