List of Synonyms Words for SSC and Bank Exams

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List of synonyms words

Here is a list of synonyms words from a to z for SSC and Bank Exams. You can learn and revise approx common 100  synonyms words for better preparation of general English for competitive exams. 

I am providing important and selective synonyms words for your practice.let's do it!

List of synonyms words A to Z: 

Synonyms may be defined as a word that has the same meaning or the same general meaning as a particular word in the same Language or is in some applications more or less satisfactory application of it. Thus the synonyms of a word can be an exact equivalent in meaning or should at least convey its meaning in one way or the other or should show in what sense it can best be used.

(Start from A)

1. Abandon: desert, forsake, jilt, leave, evacuate, quilt, vacate, abdicate, renounce

2. Abduct: kidnap, run away with, seize, and snatch.

3. Abet: aid, assist, back, condone, help, promote, sanction, support, sustain, uphold.

4. Abeyance: adjournment, deferral, discontinuation, inactivity, intermission, postponement, recess.

5. Abide: accept, bear, brook, endure, dwell, linger, live, lodge, reside, sojourn, and persist.

6. Ability: adeptness, aptitude, capability, capacity, competence, dexterity, endowment, expertise.

7. Ablaze: afire, aflame, alight, blazing, burning, fiery, flaming, aglow, brilliant, flashing, gleaming, illuminated, radiant, sparkling.

8. Abstain: avoid, decline, deny, desist, renounce, refrain, withhold, forgo.

9. Abundance: affluence, ampleness, bounty, copiousness, exuberance, profusion, fortune, wealth.

10. Abysmal: bottomless, boundless, complete, deep, extreme, incalculable, profound, and vast.            

11. Accede: accept, admit, agree, comply, concede, concur, consent, endorse, assume, attain.

12. Access: admission, admittance, approach, avenue, course, entering, outburst, paroxysm.

13. Acclaim: applaud, approve, celebrate, eulogize, exalt, hail, praise, salute, and clapping.

14. Accompany: attend, chaperon, conduct, convoy, squire, usher, supplement.

15. Accord: agree, assent, concur, conform, harmonize, bestow, concede, endow, render, vouchsafe.

16. Accuse: allege, blame, cite, denounce, impeach, incriminate,

17. Accustom: acclimatize, acquaint, adapt, discipline, familiarize, habituate, inure.

18. Acquaint: advice, announce, apprise, disclose, enlighten, notify, reveal, and tell.

19. Acrid: caustic, harsh, irritating, pungent, stinging, acrimonious, mordant, nasty, sarcastic, trenchant, and vitriolic.

20. Acrimony: bitterness, harshness, churlishness, peevishness, rancor, spleen, tartness, virulence.

21. Adamant: determined, firm, immovable, inexorable, intransigent, obdurate, resolute, stubborn,           unrelenting, flinty, steely, and stony.

22. Adept: adroit, dexterous, masterful, proficient versed, expert, genius.

23. Adequate: capable, commensurate, com-patent, requisite, tolerable, and sufficient.

24. Adhere: cleave, cling, faster, obey, observe, respect.

25. Adieu: conge, goodbye, valediction.

26. Adjourned: defer, delay, discontinue, prorogue.

27. Admirable: commendable, excellent, exquisite, wonderful, worthy.

28. Admirer: bean, lever, wooer, devotee, enthusiast, votary.

29. Adrift: drifting, unanchored, aimless, amiss, and astray.

30. Adroit: clever, cunning, deft, dexterous, ingenious, nimble, proficient, quick-witted, and able.

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