Multiple Choice Questions for Data Communication and Networking

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Very important questions of Data Communications and Networking for IT Officer and all other types of Competitive Exams.

Multiple Choice Questions of Data Communication

Q.51 Modulation is…….

(A) varying of some parameter of a carrier, such as its amplitude to transmit information.

(B) utilization of a single transmission channel to carrying multiple signals.

(C) transmission of pulses in DC form over a copper wire.

(D) none of these.

Ans .  A

Data Communication and Networking: mcq-questions-for-data-communication-and-networking-part-b

Q.52 RS-232, RS-449, RS-530, V-24, and X-21 are examples of?

(A) standards for various types of transmission channels.

(B) standards for interfaces between terminals and modems.

(C) two methods of error detection and correction.

(D) standards for end-to-end performance of data communication systems.

Ans .  B

Q.53 V.42 defines….

(A) compatibility with MNP Class 5 data compression.

(B) a method of data storage.

(C) two methods of error detection and correction.

(D) compatibility with MNP Class 7 enhanced data compression.

Ans .  C

Q.54 The cable connecting a DB-9 connector at one end to a DB-25 connector at the other end must cross-connect pin 8 at the BD-9 side to which pin at the DB-25 side.

(A) 4

(B) 22

(C) 5

(D) 2

Ans .  C

Q.55 A smart modem can.

(A) detect transmission errors and correct them automatically.

(B) correctly answer multiple choice quizzes

(C) accept commands from the terminals Via Rs-232 interface.

(D) none of these.

Ans .  C

Q.56 Many cables have “RS-232” connectors with some wires crossed or connected to each other because….

(A) there are various RS-232 standards.

(B) many computers and peripherals use RS-232 serial interfaces, but not as DTE-to-DCE.

(C) asynchronous modem reverses the direction of transmitted and received data from the standard.

(D) none of these.

Ans .  B

Q.57 Extended command sets supported by modern modems.

(A) are standardized.

(B) are prefixed with the letter E.

(C) use different commands to control many advanced modem features.

(D) can be counted on to provide a high-speed data transfer capability without requiring flow control.

Ans .  C

Q.58 Binary codes are sometimes transformed in modems into.

(A) Hexadecimal

(B) Huffman codes

(C) Gray code

(D) Complementary codes

Ans .  C

Q.59 A Western Electric 201 modem operates with a carrier frequency of….

(A) 1000 Hz

(B) 1200 Hz

(C) 1800 Hz

(D) 600 Hz

Ans .  C

Q.60 The CCITT V.26 modem has a modulation rate of …..

(A) 1200 Hz

(B) 1200 bands

(C) 1560 cps

(D) none of these

Ans .  B

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