Coding Decoding New Pattern Questions for Competitive Exams

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coding decoding new pattern questions

If you are preparing for the Banking Exam, then you should have a good knowledge of the Reasoning topics. In exam, questions with new pattern asked from coding-decoding topic. So, here I am providing you coding decoding new pattern questions for your practice.

You should practice these questions because, by regular practice, you will be able to get perfection in this advanced coding-decoding section. So, start practice from today to perform better in competitive exams for coding-decoding new pattern questions.

Coding Decoding Questions with New Pattern

Direction: (1-5) Study the given information and answer the following questions in a certain code,

‘temperate winter negative feeling’ is written as ‘o&C i#E o$C e@P’

‘worst summer raining cloud’ is written as ‘e*B e@P a*R i#E’

‘positive results weather report’ is written as ‘ e@R e#Q o$C i#P’

‘heaven swings drowsy thunder’ is written as ‘ i@L e#P a@Q a@W’

Q.1. What is the code for the word ‘Drowsy’?

(A) i@L

(B)  e#P

(C)  a@Q

(D) a@W

(E) None

Ans .   D

Q.2. What will be the code for the ‘Sunday Times’?

(A) a@Y a*Q

(B)  a*W a*Q

(C)  a@W a@Q

(D) a@W a*Q

(E) None

Ans .   E

Q.3. Which of the following word doesn’t represent the code ‘e@W’?

(A) Sunday

(B)  Monday

(C)  Funday

(D) Friday

(E) Saturday

Ans .   E

Q.4. Which of the following word represents the code ‘o$C’?

(A) Positive

(B)  Negative

(C)  Reactive

(D) Either Positive or Negative

(E) All the above

Ans .   E

Q.5. What is the code for the word ‘temperature’?

(A) o&C

(B)  u%C

(C)  u&B

(D) a%C

(E) Cannot be determined

Ans .   E

Directions (6-10): Study the following information to answer the given questions: 

With a certain code language,

‘police on the alert’ is written as ‘da po lu ri’, and

‘trigger the process off’ is written as ‘po ma mil zu’, and

‘police completed off process’ is written as ‘mil ka zu lu’, and

‘trigger and alert completed’ is written as ‘ak ka ri ma’.

Q.6. What is the code for ‘trigger on alert’?

(A) da ma ka

(B) ri mil lu

(C) ma ri da

(D) ma zu lu

(E) None of these

Ans .   C

Q.7. What does ‘po’ stand for?

(A) police

(B) process

(C) off

(D) the

(E) None of these

Ans .   D

Q.8. What could be the code for ‘completed police pile’?

(A) mil ma ka

(B) lu jo ka

(C) de lu ri

(D) sha ka lu

(E) Cannot be determined

Ans .   B

Q.9. What does ‘zu da ka mil’ stand for?

(A) off completed alert and

(B) on process police trigger

(C) completed on off process

(D) and on off alert

(E) None of these

Ans .   C

Q.10. What is the code for ‘and’?

(A) ka

(B) ri

(C) ak

(D) ma

(E) Cannot be determined

Ans .   C

Feel free and ask me in the comment section if you have any problem or doubt regarding coding-decoding new pattern questions. Visit on the next page for more practice.

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