Computer GK Questions with Answers for SSC and Bank Exams

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Do not ignore to computer gk questions while preparing in competitive exams because these are very important questions. Students are often puzzled to solve computer gk questions in competitive exams. So, here I am sharing selective computer gk questions with answers for SSC and Bank exams. 

If you are preparing for competitive exams, you should read computer gk questions to improve your performance. These questions will help you to solve computer gk questions in competitive exams and also help to score high in the examinations.

Computer GK Questions with Answers for Competitive Exams

Q.1. Which device is used to reproduce drawings using pens that are attached to movable arms? 

(A) Plotter

(B) Light Pen

(C) Scanner

(D) Printer

Ans .   A

Q.2. 'Scitation' is the online host service of - 

(A) American Institute of Physics

(B) University of Maryland

(C) Society for Industrial

(D) Oxford University

Ans .   A

Q.3. Which set of rules is applicable for exchange of files over Internet? 





Ans .   B

Q.4. When data changes in multiple lists and all lists are not updated, this causes 

(A) data redundancy

(B) information overload

(C) duplicate data

(D) data inconsistency

Ans .   D

Q.5. A word in a web page that, when clicked, opens another document is called ___ 

(A) anchor

(B) hyperlink

(C) reference


Ans .   B

Q.6. One Terabyte (1 TB) is equal to?

(A) 1028 GB

(B) 1012 GB

(C) 1000 GB

(D) 1024 GB

Ans .   D

Q.7. Which operating system is developed and used by Apple Inc?

(A) Windows

(B) Android

(C) iOS


Ans .   C

Q.8. Which of the following memories is an optical memory?         

(A) Floppy Disk

(B) Bubble Memories


(D) Core Memories

Ans .   C

Q.9.Java was originally invented by             

(A) Oracle

(B) Microsoft

(C) Novell

(D) Sun

Ans .   D

Q.10. Whose trademark is the operating system UNIX?         

(A) Motorola

(B) Microsoft

(C) BELL Laboratories

(D) AshtonTate

Ans .   C

Feel free to ask me in the comment section if you have some doubt or problem regarding computer gk questions with answers. Go to the next page for read more computer gk questions with answers.

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