Current Affairs Questions December 23

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23 dec Current Affair Questions 2019
Q :  

How many times Sushma Swaraj have been elected as a Member of Parliament?

(A) 3

(B) 5

(C) 6

(D) 7

Correct Answer : D

Q :  

What is the full form of "FPI"?

(A) Foreign Party Investment

(B) Foreign Portfolio Investment

(C) Fast Portfolio Investment

(D) Foreign Price Index

Correct Answer : B

Q :  

What is the theme of the 2019 edition of 22nd National Conference on e-Governance?

(A) Digital Transformation

(B) Digital Connectivity to the last mile

(C) Digital India: Success to Excellence

(D) Technology for accelerating Development

Correct Answer : C

Q :  

Which Bollywood star has been felicitated with 'Excellence in Cinema' honour a Indian Film Festival of Melbourne (IIFM) 2019?

(A) Amitabh Bachhan

(B) Priyanka Chopra

(C) Deepika Padukone

(D) Shahrukh Khan

Correct Answer : D

Q :  

The Currency of Finand is _____

(A) Dollar

(B) Real

(C) Euro

(D) Franc

Correct Answer : C

Q :  

What is the theme of the 2019 edition of World Tribal Day (WTD)?

(A) Indigenous People

(B) Indigenous Regions

(C) Indigenous Cultures

(D) Indigenous Languages

Correct Answer : D

Q :  

International Seminar cum Exhibition on Naval Weapon Systems 'NAVARMS - 2019' is being held in which of the following cities?

(A) Bhopal

(B) New Delhi

(C) Cuttack

(D) Visakhapatnam

Correct Answer : B


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