English Analogy Test with Answers for Competitive Exams

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english analogy test with answers

Analogy topic falls under Verbal Reasoning. This topic is important with regard to competition. So, here I am sharing with you English analogy test with answers for your practice. In these questions, a particular relationship is given and another similar relationship has to identify from the given alternative.

So, start your preparation with these selective questions and improve your performance in the competitive exams. These q uestions will help you to increase your score in the competitive exams. 

English Analogy Test for SSC and Bank Exams

Q.1. Pantry : Store :: Scullery : ?

(A) Cook

(B) Kitchen

(C) Utensils

(D) Wash

Ans .   D

Q.2. Calf : Cow :: Puppy : ?

(A) Dog

(B) Bitch

(C) Horse

(D) Donkey

Ans .   B

Q.3. Paw : Cat :: Hoof : ?

(A) Horse

(B) Lion

(C) Lamb

(D) ) Elephant

Ans .   A

Q.4. Carpenter : Saw :: Tailor ?

(A) Measurement

(B) Sewing

(C) Cloth

(D) Needle

Ans .   D

Q.5. Coal : Heat :: Wax : ?  

(A) Energy

(B) Candle

(C) Light

(D) Bee

Ans .   C

Q.6.  Traveller : Journey :: Sailor : ?

(A) Water

(B) Ship

(C) Voyage

(D) Crew

Ans .   C

Q.7. Election : Manifesto :: Meeting : ?   

(A) Circular

(B) Agenda

(C) Preface

(D) Cart

Ans .   B

Q.8. Squint : Eye :: Squeeze : ?

(A) Tongue

(B) Cloth

(C) Throat

(D) Hand

Ans .   D

Q.9. Eye : Myopia :: Teeth : ?

(A) Pyorrhoea

(B) Cataract

(C) Trachoma

(D) Eczema

Ans .   A

Q.10. Antiseptic : Germs :: Antidote : ?

(A) Allergy

(B) Poison

(C) Wound

(D) Infection

Ans .   B

If you have any doubt or want to ask anything related English analogy test, you can ask me in the comment section. Go to the next page for practice.

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