General GK Quiz Questions

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General GK Quiz

Latest GK Questions

Q.11 The biggest oil refinery in India is at  

A.  Mathura 

B.  Koyali 

C.  Digboi 

D.  Haldia

Ans .B

Q.12 Who is Tania Sachdev?  

A.  Actress 

B.  Chess Player 

C.  Dancer 

D.  Singer

Ans .B

Q.13 Jamini Roy was a famous  

A.  Dancer 

B.  Actor 

C.  Producer 

D.  Painter

Ans .D

Q.14 Loktak lake is located in  

A.  Orissa 

B.  Manipur 

C.  Tripura 

D.  Mizoram

Ans .B

Q.15 Geostationary orbit is at a height of  

A. 6Km 

B. 1000Km 

C. 3600Km 

D. 36000Km

Ans .D

Q.16 ——— forms the liquid part of the blood.  

A.  WBC 

B.  RBC 

C.  HB 

D.  Plasma

Ans .D

Q.17 The ignition temperature of white phosphorous is  

A.  30 K 

B.  30°C 

C.  30°F 

D.  35°F

Ans .B

Q.18 1 HP is equal to ——– watt  

A.  526 

B.  556 

C.  726 

D.  746

Ans .D

Q.19 Stethoscope was invented by  

A.  Dunlop 

B.  Lainnec 

C.  Bessemer 

D.  Auenbrugg

Ans .B

Q.20 The last British Governor-General was  

A. Rajaji 

B. Lord Canning 

C. Warren Hastings 

D. Lord Mount Batten

Ans .D

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