GK Current Affairs Qustions 2019 August 19

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Here, I am providing GK Current Affairs Questions 2019 (August 19) for those learners who are preparing for competitive exams. In this post, I have updated the most important questions answers around the Daily GK with latest current affairs questions and answers about many topics covered. 

I have prepared GK Current Affairs Questions 2019 for competitive exam blog to increase your General Knowledge level as well as increase your confidence level for competitive exams.

GK Current Affairs Questions 2019 August 19

Q.1 Dhola-Sadiya Bridge, India's longest river bridge is located in which of the following Indian States?

(A) Arunachal Pradesh

(B) Andhra Pradesh

(C) Jammu-Kashmir

(C) Assam

Ans .  D

Q.2 Who among the following inaugurated the bicentenary (200th) celebration of Paika Rebellion of Odisha?

(A) Shri Narendra Modi

(B) Shri Pranab Mukherjee

(C) Shri Arun Jaitley

(C) Shri Amit Shah

Ans .  B

Q.3 Indian Railways had started its first solar-powered diesel electrical multiple unit train from which of the following stations in India?

(A) Rewa, Madhya Pradesh

(B) Kharagpur, West Bengal

(C) Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh

(C) Safdarjung, New Delhi

Ans .  D

Q.4 Which of the following cities had become the first open-defecation free city in India?

(A) Indore

(B) Gangtok

(C) Beas

(C) Amritsar

Ans .  B

Q.5 The Union Cabinet chaired by whom has given its approval for National Steel Policy (NSP), 2017?

(A) Shri Birender Singh

(B) Shri Arun Jaitley

(C) Shri Rajnath Singh

(C) Shir Narendra Modi

Ans .  D

Q.6 Which of the following refers to GEF grant agreement recently signed between the Central Government and the World Bank?

(A) Monetary Fund Regulation Project

(B) Ecosystem Service Improvement Project

(C) Trade and Tariffs Project

(C) Employment Opportunities Project

Ans .  B

Q.7 Which one of the following is China's next-generation bullet train?

(A) Ruxing

(B) Beijing

(C) Boxing

(C) Fuxing

Ans .  D

If you have any problem or doubt regarding Daily GK Current Affairs Questions for Competitive Exams, you can ask me in the comment section. To more practice for Current Affairs Questions, Visit next page.

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