GK Questions in English on The Council of Ministers

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GK Questions in English

Hello Aspirants,

Do you know the proper functions of Council of Minister? Do you know these types of questions may be asked the competitive exams? So, I am sharing 40 questions with answers on the Council of Ministers in this blog for your best practice so that you can know easily the functions of Council of Minister.

GK Questions in English on The Council of Ministers

1.Which of the following amendment of the Indian Constitution restricts the size of the Union Ministry/

(A) 78th Amendment

(B) 88th Amendment

(C) 90th Amendment

(D) 91st Amendment

Ans .  D

2. Which one of the following is not a department in the Ministry of Human Resource Development?

(A) Department of Elementary Education and Literacy

(B) Department of Secondary Education and Higher Education 

(C) Department of Technical Education

(D) Department of Woman and Child Development

Ans .  C

3. Which one of the following motions can the Council of Minister of India move?

(A) No confidence Motion

(B) Censure Motion

(C) Adjournment Motion

(D) Confidence Motion

Ans .  D

4. The member of Lok Sabha members who can table a No Confidence Motion against the Council of Minister is…..

(A) 30

(B) 40

(C) 50

(C) 60

Ans .  C

5. The first Law Minister of Independent India was…..

(A) M.C. Stalwart

(B) B.R. Ambedkar

(C) Kailash Nath Katja

(D) Rafi Ahmad Kiwaid

Ans .  B

6. Cabinet means……

(A) All ministers in the governance

(B0 Minister s with Cabinet Rank

(C) Cabinet Minister and their Secretaries

(D0f Minister of State

Ans .  B

7. To whom is the Council of Ministers responsible?

(A) Parliament

(B) President

(C) Speaker of Lok Sabha

(D) Speaker of Lok Sabha and Chairman of Rajya Sabha

Ans .  B

8. According to Indian Constitution, the Union Minister hold office during the pleasure of…..

(A) The President 

(B0 The Prime Minister

(C) The Speaker of the Lok Sabha

(D) The chief justice of the Supreme Court of India

Ans .  A

9. Survey of India is under of Ministry of……

(A) Defence

(B) Enrolment and Forests

(C) Home Affairs

(D) Science and Technology

Ans .  D

10. Archaeological Survey of India is an attached office of the Department/Minister of…..

(A) Culture

(B0 tourism

(C) Science and Technology

(D) Human Resource Development

Ans .  A

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