How to Improve GK for Competitive Exams

How to Improve GK for Competitive Exams

We appear for entrance exams to achieve our dream career destination. Before we start preparing for any examination, we leaf through the syllabus and various sections of the paper. In our pursuit to excel in Quantitative Aptitude, Reasoning Ability, and English section, we tend to ignore one in all the foremost scoring sections i.e. General Knowledge. during this article, you'll be guided on study tips to General knowledge for entrance exams.

How to Improve GK

If you're aspiring for top colleges across the country or any Govt. job exam, then it's essential to remain au fait on current affairs and GK topics. In any exam, approximately 25% of the paper features GK-based questions.

The reason for the additional specialization in knowledge topics and questions is to enable students to attain higher in lesser time and perform well in Group Discussions and Interviews.

Before reviewing general knowledge for entrance exams, let’s take a glance at the gamut covered under this head: In this article, I am sharing the tips and tricks about "How to Improve GK for Competitive Exams.

The important topics covered under GK are:

Physical Geography

Indian and World Geography

Indian and World History

International Organizations

Everyday Science

Awards and Honors

Indian Economy

Indian Polity

Indian Constitution

Current Affairs

Other Miscellaneous GK

Now, read some valuable tips to review cognition for competitive or entrance exams:

How to Improve General Knowledge

As a bit of general advice, everybody recommends reading newspapers, hearing AIR news, and watching GD interviews to check public knowledge. Here, we are going to tell you the way to travel about it.

Reading Habit -

it's recommended to follow 2 to three newspapers daily.

Reading newspapers daily will boost your GK learning. it's knowing to keep an eagle’s eye on what's happening around you and stay updated. Read the editorial of some old newspapers, past time period, will suffice.

Reading two to 3 newspapers implies that 1 should be of your tongue or regional language and the other should be an English newspaper. the most effective newspapers to check cognition include ‘The Hindu’, ‘Economic Times, and ‘The Telegraph’. Reading magazines like ‘The Chronicles’ ‘India today will be helpful.

Watch News Channels -

Watching TV only for fun doesn't increase your GK, watching the News channels daily does. For preparing noesis for entrance exams, pick your favorite news reader and an acceptable time for yourself, make a schedule of the most effective news channels and episodes and watch them regularly. View breaking news and headlines.

Some exciting shows which will facilitate your in preparing for current affairs, GK and GD’s are:

Prime Time shows with feature programs on BBC News, Al Jazeera, NDTV, and other Indian and International private news channels.

Lok Sabha & Rajya Sabha Parliament Sessions on Doordarshan, RSTV, and LSTV.

KBC quiz show.

Prepare notes to check General Knowledge: For current affairs and GK preparation, writing is the best way. Keeping a notebook in your own handwriting and words is usually a decent idea.

Write down everything that's happening around the world.

Note down what seems important to you as memorizing everything isn't possible for anyone. Write short notes, 1-2 liners, and blanks on what seems vital to you from the exam point of view.

If you want to find out something, maintaining your diary or journal facilitates you to memorize points faster.

Use the web to check general knowledge -

For preparing knowledge for entrance exams following the internet could be a good option. YouTube, Wikipedia, and Google are the most effective teachers online.

Follow the competitive exam websites that provide free access and registration to monthly PDF for GK and current affairs preparation.

If you come short of your time to read the newspaper each day, follow the GD forum, the net version of those newspapers. Interesting conversations on the most recent current affair topics occur in these forums.

Follow the Twitter and Facebook Pages of online GK and Current Affairs groups. These might facilitate you with the latest information, and important questions and should give insight on preparation strategies. Also, practice online mock tests on GK and Current affairs.

Take online quizzes on educational websites. It acts as a parameter to gauge your progress and test your performance level. Quizzes and one-liners on different topics help in boosting your confidence and morale. It gives a form of assurance that you simply are well prepared.

To sum up, the difference between the candidates who get selected and people who don't is that the previous focus is on what the latter misses. Effective strategy and a powerful presence of mind can facilitate your achieve success in any competitive exam.

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