How to Prepare for Bank Exams by Self-Study : Sure Shot Tips!

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how to prepare for bank exams by self-study

Do you think it is hard to get selected in bank exams with self-study? Maybe it is hard but today I will let you know sure shot tips of how to prepare for bank exams by self-study. The IBPS Exam season is here and all of you must be preparing hard to get a job in any of the public sector banks in the country. It is a myth that it is impossible to crack the bank exams without any coaching, created mainly by the coaching experts to run their business that they are the medium to anybody's success but the reality is completely different.

You can certainly land a job in any public sector bank with your own efforts, without any external help. However, it should also be kept in mind that in order to become successful you should be diligent and systematic. If you are one of them who can't afford coaching expenses then, you need not worry as we will help you in the preparation. Check out the tips about How to Prepare for Bank Exam at Home by one click.

A Detailed Guide of How to Prepare for Bank Exams by Self-Study!!

Bank exams are mainly based on four topics – General Awareness along with Banking Awareness, Quantitative Aptitude, Reasoning Ability and English Language. You need to be proficient in all these sections equally because there is normally sectional cut-off in all these sections in any bank examination. Here are some effective tips to use while preparing for the exams on your own-

Understand the Exam Pattern & Syllabus

The very first and most important task is to understand the exam pattern, go through the syllabus and make a solid-strategy to cover this entire syllabus. You need to learn the marks weightage of all the sections so that you can prepare for every section accordingly. You need to master yourself on all the sections smartly. Do understand that all the sections are equally important and it will be a huge risk to leave any one of them.

Collect the Best Study Stuff

Everything is over now and the next on your to-do list is to collect the study materials from the appropriate sources so that you have all the required materials with you when you start your preparation. As the books and online study material are your only weapon, you need to select the best books for preparation. In case of any confusion in any topic, watch online videos available on YouTube from the experts.

Get Yourself Accustomed to a Routine

Once you are through with the analysis of the syllabus, the next thing is to understand your weak areas and strong areas. You have got all the books and materials with you but now you have to study, right? Well, it is not that you just hop onto this. First, devise a routine for yourself but don’t keep something too strict for your habits. Just relax and give a regular study time to yourself every day. It is the most important aspect of self-study since you need to maintain your discipline yourself at home. Dedicate yourself to the study and follow your schedule, no matter what.

Practice with Previous Year Papers & Mock Tests

Once you are sorted that you want to make a career in banking, the next important thing is to go through the previous year papers to get an idea about the level of difficulty and how much it is going to suit you. After getting done with the syllabus and its revision, you may now proceed to mock tests since that will help you understand the actual exam pattern and also will acclimatize you with the real exam. Take at least one mock a day before the prelims and the mains without fail so that you don’t feel any pressure during the exam. 

Believe Yourself

Never ever lose faith in yourself and keep on giving your best in the preparation. Success will never elude you. However, do not be overconfident if you are strong in any area since, in the exam atmosphere, it may go against you also. In case of weak areas, work on them till you get them right.

Take Section-Wise Tests Daily

It is because if you take mock tests, the marks you secure may dishearten you in the beginning but if you take sectional tests on the particular chapters that you have finished, it will benefit you more and also it will boost your confidence.

Don’t Be Too Hard On Yourself

Preparation is a process and nothing else. Don’t take it out very harshly on yourself. Just enjoy the learning phase without thinking too much about the results. Go out and have quality time with your near and dear ones. Don’t isolate yourself from everything in the name of bank exams preparation by self-study. There will be many distractors in your way and it is very easy to be demotivated by many discouraging people out there with vested interests and they will always try to belittle you. 

Fix a Deadline to Finish the Whole Syllabus

Since you are preparing for bank exams by self-study, you need to have the larger picture in mind all the time i.e. to finish the syllabus and revise the same according to your strengths and weaknesses. If you have 6 months in hand, keep proper time for finishing the syllabus and revision of the same. Please do not forget the fact that you need to revise the syllabus without fail and without that you will never be able to crack any bank examination. 


Bank exams can be conquered with nothing but self-study. You need to believe your decision and dedicate yourself fully into the study. Nothing can be better than learning all by yourself rather than being fed by others. Keep faith in yourself, maintain proper discipline in the preparation and you are all set to set foot in a bank as a PO or assistant very soon.

I have described how to Prepare for bank Exams by self-study with sure shot tips for success in banking exams. Follow our tips diligently and save your hard-earned money. You will certainly be benefitted in your exam preparation and that also without any help from the so-called coaching experts. Do comment us for further assistance.

All the Best!!

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