How to solve Reasoning Question with Reasoning Tricks

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solve questions with reasoning tricks

In each competition exam, it is important to have knowledge of the tricks to solve the paper quickly. So in this blog, I am telling you about important issues and their solution tricks that how to solve reasoning questions with reasoning tricks.

You should learn or practice of these tricks to save your time in the examination. You can improve your skill and performance also by practicing or learn reasoning short tricks, how to solve reasoning questions.

Here you can get some useful coding-decoding reasoning tricks with examples to solve coding and decoding questions quickly in the competitive exams.  

Reasoning Tricks - How to Solve Reasoning Questions:

Q.1. Premlata went 8 km in the east from her home & then she turned to the left & went 6 km. Finally, she turned to the left & went 8 km how far was she from the starting point & in which direction?

Answer: 6 Km. North

Solution with trick

Finally, she was 6 km. away from the starting point in the North.

Note: When showing the direction, keep in mind that the direction is asked from the starting point OR from the point where he/she is.

Q.2. Ram goes 4 km in the South & then goes 5 km after turning to the left & then goes 4 km after turning to the left. Now from this point; how far is his starting point & in which direction?

Answer: 5 Km. West

Solution with trick

Note: Here, the direction of the starting point is asked from the last point. So, it is West.

Q.3. If it was Wednesday on 2 March, the then which day would come on 26 March ?

Answer: Saturday


2 March – Wednesday

26 March – ?

Difference between 2 March to 26 March is (26 – 2) = 24 days. When 24 is divided by 7, we find 3 as a remainder. So, the third day after Wednesday is Saturday. So, it will be Saturday on 26 March.

Q.4.  2 days before the yesterday, it was Tuesday, then which would be the day on the day after 2 days from tomorrow ?

Answer – Monday

Solution With trick

2nd Method : Here, difference = before 3 days+ after 3 days = 6 days, so, it will be Monday after 6 days of Tuesday.

Q.5. it is 4 hrs. 40 min. in a clock. Find the angle between both the needles of a clock.

Answer : 1000


1 Division = 300

So, 4 Division = 30 × 4 = 1200

But, the hour needle has already covered the distance of 40 min. From its side, so the angle covered in these 40 min.

= ½ × 40 =  200

Now, the angle covered between both needles = 120– 20= 1000

2nd Method : 

to find the angle = (11×min. – 60×time given)/2

= (11×40-60×4)/2 

= 200/2

= 1000

Q.6. In a code language, PAWAN is written as QBXBO, then how JAMUN will be written in the same language?


Solution with trick

Q.7. How many digits in 284371 are such digit which are ate the same distance from the starting when they will be arranged in the descending order?

(A) None (B) One (C) Two (D) None of these

Answer : One

Solution with trick

Here, the number asked are arranged in the Descending order as per the question. Some number will come at their initial places, then they will be the number pair.

You can ask me in the comment section if you have any problem regarding reasoning tricks. To learn more reasoning tricks visit on the next page.

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